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Acme Playa Supply festival supplies
Leg Warmers, Chaps, and Boot Covers   Petticoats, Tutus and Skirts   Wigs
Leg warmers, Chaps and Boot Covers   Skirts, Tutus and Petticoats   Wigs
From $ 19   From $ 19    From $ 13 
Leg Warmers, Chaps, and Boot Covers   Tutus and Peticoats   Wigs


Self Adhesive Eye Makeup Strips are very sticky

  Playa Clothing   Glowing Decorations for your body or bike
Self Adhesive Eye Makeup Strips with crystals.  Many colors and styles.

Very Sticky, can be worn for days, re-usable

  Fabulous playa clothes Including the light up petticoat   Add some Glow to make you shine at night.
From $ 19   From $ 17   From $ 3

Acme Playa


Acme Playa

  Acme Playa



Hats and hoods

  Cheetah Body Art, self adhesive, very sticky, reusable

Self adhesive body art, long lasting, for performers, waterproof

  Fabulous Playa Coats
Hats and Hoods   Self Adhesive Body Art with crystals.

Re-usable, stays on, perspiration resistant, many styles and colors

  Fabulous Playa Coats
From $ 25   From $20   From $ 140
Acme Playa  

Acme Playa

  Acme Playa



EL Wire stick figure kit, choose from 10 colors

   Booty Shorts, Boy Shorts, Panties, Fringe shorts   EL Wire kit is ready to use, just add a battery

  EL Wire available in 10 colors

Stick Figure Costume

Pin it to your clothes and go

  Booty Shorts, Boy Shorts    EL Wire kits ready to use, just add a battery, 10 colors
$ 59   From $ 9   From $ 12
Acme Playa   Acme Playa   Acme Playa


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Costumes   Accessories    
From $ 59   From $ 7    
Acme Playa   Acme Playa    


Glowby fiber optic hair barrettes

Fiber Optic hair decorations 8 colors

  Burning Man attire on model Glowing flowers for decorating your body   Make your bike glow with these battery operated streamers

Fiber optic bike streamers

Fiber Optic hair and clothing decorations

Battery operated, reusable, 10 colors 

  Beautiful Flowers that Glow in the dark

Many colors and styles

  Glowing Fiberoptic Streamers for Bike Handlebars, 3 colors
$3.20   From $ 15   $ 12

Acme Playa

  Acme Playa   Acme Playa