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Bike decorations including these LED light strings

Bike Light Up Decorations


You can lose track of your bike when you park it at night. 

Add some night glow to make it easy to find. 

Bike Decorations   LED Light Strings on a bike
  Bike Decorations
Easily create artistic decorations
with EL Wire and glue
  LED Light Strings
Add bright glow to
costumes, bikes
  Glowing Fiberoptic Streamers
for Bike Handlebars
From $ 10   $ 4.90   $ 12



Bike Decorations  

Fiber optic hair decorations that glow at night

  Bike Decorations
EL wire adds a glow with just a simple wrap of wire   Fiber Optic decorations
Clip back to attach to your bike,
hair, hat or clothes
Battery operated, reusable, 8 colors.
  More complex EL Wire wrap
From $ 10   $3.20     also Quantity discounts    




Bike Decorations       Bike Decorations
Put EL Wire or Glowbys in your spokes to create beautiful effects while you are moving       You can put a lot of EL Wire on your wheels