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Leg Warmers, Boot Covers, Spats

Boot Covers and Leg Warmers

Faux Fur Pants with suspenders and spiked fur   Fur Leg Warmers or Boot Covers in Spiked Fur   Faux Fur Chaps with Spiked Fur and belt 
Spiked Fur Pants with Suspenders
4 colors and 3 sizes
  Boot Cover/Leg Warmer
Spiked Faux Fur
  Faux Fur Chaps with Belt
4 colors of Spiked Fur 
$ 89   $ 36   $ 79 

Super Fluffy Leg Warmers in many colors    Fur Chaps with clips   
Super Fluffly Leg Warmers    Faux Fur Chaps with clips    Rare "Shagadelic" faux fur Boot Covers
$ 39    $ 57   $ 73





Boot Cover or Leg Warmer

Shines with Lurex

  Wolf Boot covers   Chinchilla Pom Pom  Boot Covers
$ 26   $ 49   $ 39


Soft Furry Boot Covers in many colors    
Soft Furry Boot Covers/Leg Warmers in many colors   Luxurious Furry Boot Covers with Sequins   Boot Covers with Pom Poms
$ 25   $ 31   $ 39


Fur Boot Toppers     Fur Leg Warmers with Candy Canes
Fur Boot Toppers to add a fur accent to boots or arms  

Furry Boot covers

will make any footwear look fabulous

  Candy Cane decorated Fur Boot Covers
$ 21  

$ 46

  $ 62

Furry Leg Warmers/Boot Covers        Boot Toppers with bells in black or white
Furry Leg Warmers in colors        Boot Toppers with bells
Black or White
$ 24        $ 27