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Clothing from Acme Playa


Shorts and Panties Leggings and Tights Coats and Jackets
Shorts and panties Leggings and Tights Coats and Jackets


Fur clothing and accessories Tutus and Petticoats including light up versions Sun hat with flower patterns woven in


Fur Clothing Tutus and Petticoats including battery powered light up pettis

Many colors and lengths

Sun Hats for day and Warm Hats for night
  From $ 17 From $ 25
  Top Top


Top Top Top
Scorpio Crochet Kaftan

Sexy Playa Dress

Roxanne Magic Mushroom Tank  Lolo Bellbottom pants in acid orange
$ 97 $ 69 $ 69
Top Top Top


Top Lace Bell Bottom Pants in colors Lace Halter Top in sheer Cyclone Lace
Poppy Ruffle Sheer Tank Top Lace Bell Bottom Pants Sheer Lace Halter Top
$ 73 $ 58 $28



Light Up Skirt with Halter Top

Booty Shorts Lycra

Malibu Mini Skirt Light up Skirt and Halter Lycra Booty Shorts
$ 65 $ 79 $ 9
Top   Lycra Booty Shorts




Feather skirt and top set

Self adhesive body art is very sticky Chain Bra
Black skirt and halter Self Adhesive body art Chain Bra
Looks great under a sheer top,
over a tight shirt,
or by itself
$ 79 From $ 24 $ 69 
Top Top  


Fur hood Chinchilla Top Fur boot covers
Furry Hoods for cool nights Chinchilla Skirt and Halter Top Set Boot covers and Leg Warmers
From $ 19 $ 79 From $ 18
Top Top Top


Daisy Lace Bellbottom Pants Galactic foil fringe skirt and top set Top


Bell bottom pants in Daisy Lace Fringe Skirt and Top Set Virginia Magic Mushroom Poncho

Light, breezy, cool for those hot days

$ 89 $ 79 $ 89
Lolo Bell Bottoms in Cream Daisy Lace Galactic Foil Fringe Skirt and Top set Top
Also available in Silver Mesh  $ 59    
Bell Bottoms in silver mesh    


Black Waist Cincher Halter and short set

Black Halter and Short Set

Waist Cincher shown with Shorts and Halter Halter and Short set

Shorts, halter, and cincher from behind

$ 45 $ 59 $ 59
Top Black Halter and Short set Black Halter and Short set


  Fabulous Playa Coat is sexy, but still warm.   
  Fabulous Velvet Playa Coat with Spiral Detail

Black, Green, Purple, Blue

  $ 140  




Add Some Accessories


Top Top Top


Wigs Self Adhesive Stickers for Breasts

Many designs, very sticky, waterproof,

can be worn for days.

Self Adhesive Eye Makeup Strips
From $ 19 From $ 16 From $ 14
Top Top Top


Top Top Top
Glowing things to clip to your hair or clothes Self Adhesive body art Make your boots glow with

EL Wire laces

From $ 3 From $ 24 From $ 10
Top Top Top


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  From $ 59