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Playa tested gear for fun in Black Rock City

  Call Keira Coyote
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Coats, shrugs, and jackets

Playa Coats

Long Fur Coat in lusious white fur with Lights all over   Spike Fur Coat
Spike fur color selection
  Multi Color fur stripes on this festive coat
White Fur Coat with LED Glow...Battery powered!    Long Faux Fur Coat in Spike style fur
4 colors
  Fabulous Rainbow Coat
$ 297   $ 197   $ 197
Light up fur coat       Rainbow fur coat

Shrug made from Spiked Faux Fur

Fur colors for shrugs

Fabulous Playa Coat is sexy, but still warm
Spike Fur Shrug in choice of colors   Fabulous Velvet Playa Coat with Spiral Detail

Black, Green, Purple, Blue

$ 57   $ 140