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EL Wire for fabulous body and bike decorations

EL Wire Kits


EL Wire that is complete and ready to wear, just add  a battery.  

Bend it, wrap it, glue it where you want.

Available in 3 lengths:

EL Wire Color Selection

Color selection

Flower, stick figure, and EL Wire

White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple


3 feet long, uses one AAA Battery        $ 11.50  

  5 feet long, uses one AA Battery        $ 14.50   These are the smallest inverters available for these lengths of wire!
  20 feet long, uses one 9 Volt Battery  $ 34.00    





Ideas for using EL wire
  See the flowers and other glowing things that we make from EL Wire     Make a stick figure costume or

Embellish one of our stick figure kits: 





  Decorate your bike for nighttime fun Add some glow to your hat


  EL wire designs can be elegant  


    Katy Perry made a Peacock costume using EL Wire

She wore it on the David Letterman Show while singing the Peacock song. 



  You get everything you need to glow, just add a battery Put a big glowing design on your jacket


  Make all kinds of fun shapes Make your boots glow with EL Wire laced up
  Or, let us make one for you:   


  With a loosely woven fabric, you can weave EL wire from

the inside to the outside to get dots

Glue or sew the EL Wire onto the surface for continuous lines

It is easy to make a simple face for a mask

Just glue the EL Wire to a piece of cardboard with super glue





  Stick Figure kit made from E.L. Wire
  Simple stick figure looks great in the darkness

We have it as a kit to make it easy

Add some embellishments to make the stick figure unique