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Flowers that glow made with EL Wire

Flowers with Glow

Rose that Glows   Sequin Flower   Daisy
EL Wire Red Rose with inverter


  5 Petal EL Wire Flower Purple
Yellow Flower with 5 Petals that glows with battery power
Available in Red, Pink, Yellow, or White
Uses one AAA battery which lasts 8 hours
  Flower with sequins and embellishments.  Battery powered EL Wire adds glow   Pin them to clothes or hair Replaceable batteries.  Available in 10 colors.
EL Wire Roses Glow with EL wire   Red, Pink, Aqua, Grey, Black   5 Petal Flowers are about 6 inches across
$ 25   $ 25   $ 15


Sunflower   Lily   4 Petal Flower
EL Wire adds glow to this Sunflower pin for your costume or hat     EL Wire Flower with 4 petals
Sunflower pins to your clothes, hat, or hair. Uses one AAA battery to glow for hours.   Glowing Pink Stargazer Lily clips onto clothes or hair   Handcrafted, Battery powered, 10 colors, re-shapeable.
8 inches in diameter   Petals are about 8 inches across.    4 Petal Flowers are about 8 inches from tip to tip
$ 29   $ 27   $ 15


Felt Flower        
Felt Flower with EL Wire enhancements        
$ 19        


Each flower is made by hand by a Burner

Each one is unique

Petals can be bent and reshaped

Uses one AAA battery which lasts for about 8 hours

Has a small battery pack that is attached to the flower with a short length of black wire

Switch on the battery pack to make it blink, or glow constantly 

Easily change the battery when the glow gets dim. 


Color selection

Flower, stick figure, and EL Wire

EL Wire Color Selection

White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple




Burning Man attire on model EL Wire 4 Petal Flower with Burning Man attire
EL wire Red Rose EL Wire 4 Petal Flower Yellow

EL Wire Flower with 4 petals on Burner Girl

EL Wire 4 Petal Flower
5 Petal EL Wire Flower Red