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Glowing battery powered light up decorations

Things that GLOW!

Glowing battery powered flowers to decorate yourself
    LED Light Strings on a bike
LED Light strings on a costume

Fiber optic hair decorations that glow at night

Beautiful Flowers
that Glow in the dark
Pin back to allow you to attach
them to your clothes, hat, or hair
10 colors, replaceable battery powered
  LED Light Strings
Add bright glow to
costumes, bikes,
your camp
    Fiber Optic hair and clothing decorations
Clip back to attach to your hair,
hat or clothes
Battery operated, reusable, 8 colors.
From $ 15   $ 4.90     $3.20     also Quantity discounts





EL Wire stick figure kit

  Glowing     Glowing
Stick Figure Costume
made with EL Wire
Pin it to your clothes and go
with glowing sparkles  Battery operated
    Glowing LED Earrings with Cubic Zirconia stones, and replaceable batteries
$ 59   $ 25     $ 7




  Glowing     Fun Bike that glows with battery powered EL Wire
Glowing Fiberoptic Streamers for Bike Handlebars

Replaceable batteries, Pink, Blue, and Rainbow color

  Glowing Silk butterfly with battery powered EL wire     Decorate your Bike
with EL Wire to make it
stand out at night

Find your bike easier! 

$ 12   $ 19     From $ 10


EL Wire
EL Wire color samples
EL Wire kits ready to use,
just add a battery
10 colors available in
3 standard lengths
  Simple Butterfly
Battery powered glow
From $ 10   $ 17      


Examples of our Glow in use          
Glowing   Glowing


In the dark, this is what decorated boots
and hat look like with a stick figure costume
  Hat decorations     Rose with Fiber Optic accents


Glowing   Glowing     Glowing
EL wire flower and Fiber optics
Fabulous hat or hair decoration
  Hat with some wild EL Wire and Fiber optics     EL Wire flower


Glowing   Glowing     Glowing
An example of a Playa Hat you can create

with EL wire and fiber optic clips

  A pair of boots laced with EL Wire

with an EL wire flower added as an accent 

    Hat decorations


Glowing   Glowing     Glowing


  Create your own Hat with Glow

Glowbys and EL wire are easy to play with

    Easily add some glow to your bike
Just wrap some EL Wire around the frame and insert the battery

Glowing         Glowing
Beautiful dress glows with EL Wire