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Glowing Fiber Optic clips

Fiber Optic Clips

Glowing Fiber optic clips

"Glowbys" Fiber Optic Hair Barrettes 

$ 3.20

Glowing Fiber optic clips

Battery powered, replaceable batteries included.  Batteries start to get dim in about 6 hours, but continue to glow. 


Glowby Fiber Optic Colors

Red, Gold, Orange, Green, Aqua, Blue, Violet, Pink, White, or the Rainbow color, which continually changes from Red to Green to Blue.


Quantity discounts available.


Spread the sprays out for sparkles Blue in hairstyle Blue up spray Body decoration attached to bikini top
Attached loosely Back of head sparkles Floppy up do Clip to clothes, too.

White Glowby on back of head pointing down White in blonde hair Red spray Pink Red and Green in hair
White White Red Pink, Red, Blue, Green

Glowing Fiber optic clips Glowing Fiber optic clips Glowing Fiber optic clips Glowing Fiber optic clips
Blue and pink combo Green 2 white and 2 blue Glowbys A spray of Pink Glowbys

cover removed, showing batteries Close up of clip body barrette show with a dime to see size batteries are standard CR1220 type, replaceable
Replaceable batteries Close up Shown with a dime Batteries are standard