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Stick Figure Kits in many colors

Stick Figure Kit

Stick Figure kit made from E.L. Wire   Stick figure kits with added EL Wire features  
Stick Figure Kit

Just add batteries and pin to your outfit

  Examples of Stick Figure kits with additional EL wire.

Classic Playa night costume!

$ 59      
  Embellish your own and make it individual  







Color selection

EL Wire Color Selection

10 colors:  White, Pink, Red, Orange,

Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple


Add more EL Wire

to customize your kit

EL Wire kits are simple and ready to use

EL Wire that is complete and ready to wear, just add a battery.  

Bend it, wrap it, glue it where you want.

Add a face, heart, or other accent to your stick figure costume.


EL Wire stick figure with decorated boots and a fancy hat   EL Wire face made from 3 colors of EL Wire  
Decorate your boots and Hat with more EL Wire and Fiber Optic Glowbys   Make a mask out of cardboard and glue your extra EL Wire to it with super glue for a fun face.  
There are connectors so that you can unplug the wire at the waist to pull your pants down   To attach it to your head, you can use an elastic, or you can glue the cardboard to some safety goggles.  
You can pin the costume to your clothes with small safety pins, or sew it on, or glue it on with super glue.   You can use several pieces of EL Wire to make a face, then have each one blink separately for a goofy effect.   
Many people like to sew the EL Wire onto a one piece coverall to make a permanent costume   Cut the eye holes smaller than the EL Wire eyes, so that the glow from the wire doesn't make it hard to see.