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Tatas breast adornments

Body Art for Breasts


Self adhesive patches sold in pairs, designed to cover a portion of your breast.

Ivy Tatas  $ 24

Shown with other Ivy body art

Click the Body Art button on the left for the rest of our body art

  Angelic Wings can be worn as breast embellishments or as back wings.  $ 24

Set of 2 wings with large crystals on them.  Shown with optional Crystal strips, and white feathers which are not included.




Self adhesive strips covered with luscious color and sparkles 

  • Get an airbrush look in a fraction of the time

  • Real crystals on most designs...bright sparkles!

  • Worn by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton

  • Very sticky backing that won't fall off

  • New breakthrough in peal and stick backing for skin

  • Can be removed and re-used many times

  • Comfortable to can sleep in them

  • Can be worn for days without removal

  • Put them on at the start of a music festival and leave them on until it is over

  • Fabulous at Burning Man!

  • Stays on in the heat, and while dancing

  • Can be worn in the water, makes a great swimsuit top

  • Can be used for Vajazzling 

  • Much stickier than packaged self adhesive crystals 

  • Latex Free


Cover the rest of your body, too!



    A Full Selection of Body art is available


Blaze Tatas  $ 24   Blaze Tini Tatas  $ 16  


Peacock Tatas  $ 24   Peacock Tiny Tatas  $ 16  


moving Googly Eyes  Tatas    $ 18   Flamingo Tatas   $ 19  


Icicle Tatas   $ 24   Cupcake Tatas  $ 16  


Gaga Pop Star WIngs   $ 24   Bumble Bee Tatas  $16  


Mermaid Tatas  $ 16   Sweet Leaf Tatas   $ 20  


Apple Tatas   $ 18   Penguin Tatas  $ 24

Bow tie collar sold separately



Bows Tatas  $ 24   Ornament Tatas   $24 

Shown with optional bows sold below



Holly  Tatas    $ 24   Nippies subtle breast art and coverups

From $ 10







    Click images for details

We also have Sparkling Eye self adhesive strips in many other colors. 

Create a dramatic, crystal embellished eye very quickly. 

Click here to see the full selection of eye decorations.